Current Exhibits

Milking Time: Evolution of the Dairy Industry in Marathon County

 June 2018 and into 2020

Our newest exhibit traces the development of dairying as an industry. As logging declined in the late 1800s, farmers arrived, removed tree stumps and created fields for crops to support herds and families. The exhibit shows how herd improvements combined with electrification and other innovations to increase profitability.






Rural Electrification: Outlet for Change

May 2017 to November 2019

This exhibit tells the story of how electricity eventually reached rural residents both in central Wisconsin and in the rest of the United States. Artifacts demonstrate the changes that came to farm life when electricity made its way from cities to the countryside. Maps show the progress of electrification about 1930 across Marathon County. 







Our Stories:  The History of Marathon County


Take a journey through our core exhibit on the history of Marathon County and you will learn about the many people and events that have made us what we are today.  The exhibit is focused on the stories of the people who have lived here, highlighting three themes:  Arriving Here, Making A Living and Having Fun.



Pieces of the Past:  Quilts Tell A Story

This exhibit is closed, but is now available as a slide program

Tour this exhibit to learn about the artistic, cultural, historic, and social importance of the quilts. Throughout the colorful, attractive exhibit you will learn about the women who made them and how lifestyle, current events, and society affected the fabric and pattern choices. Through the quilts and their stories, a picture will emerge of the important contributions made by women at a time when their opportunities remained limited.